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!989 Yamaha 2.6 150 hp

Good working outboard,with Yamaha shifter rpm gauge and oil tank and associated wiring-$1800

Can run nearby, its currently on a boat.


SOLD-now in Indiana on a deck boat


 [email protected]

Franken rude

150 hp dyno at 185,its a 94 eagle in a ficht body

for fast boats allisons bullets-$2800 Lightning gear case


 Allison boat not included.

 [email protected]

!977 140 hp

First year of mfg,needs a starter solenoid,make an offer. -24 P raker

 [email protected]

Taurus Pt 22

Like as new Taurus Pt 22-tip up barrel feature is nice for those who find it hard to rack a slide.

I used this to qualify with for my cc license,48 out of 48 on target .Da always about as safe as one can get for a firearm to use,suitable for those with weaker muscles or elderly.

 $150- [email protected]

Add shipping and handling to an ffl dealer of 35-40 depending upon where you live and shipping desired.

SOLD locally nov 7th,2012

29 P shooter prop

$150 TYD

 [email protected]

Hipoint 45 jhp

$150 Large blowback operated pistol well suited for home defense,no malfunctions so far like new.

If not local must go thru an FFL dealer

 Not hard to fire at all as its a heavy pistol.

[email protected]