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5/20/14 Ky Lake fishing report

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Went out about 8 am,Port Road Big Sandy,,Steve Huber had called and asked me to scout a little,both of us not getting keepersfor one reason or another so played around with the 1197 and its map and found something new..

Few min after launching we arrived at an island,leeward side nothing but wind side in breakers as wind had picked up 2 keepers on a spinnerbait in blue herring.Second spot inside a bay wind side nothing ,leeward side in brush 2 keepers one on spinnerbait same one and one on a superfluke.

Trolling motor acted up,so ended our day about 10 am with 4 keepers at about 10 pds.

Wind 25-30 gusting to lord knows what.watr temp 68-71f spinnerbait secret weapon 1/2 oz blue herring,visability 1 ft tannic looking..Wee bit o chop on the main.

All pics taken on the backside in the calm


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Temp 65.2 -70.2  fish spawning on some banks,available in all phases depending upon location,pre-spawn-post.

My first keeper came on a buzzbait,none therafter on one.Rubber creature baits -senkos got many shorts then later keepersbut hard to keep on,jumping and flipping the baits.

Crankbaits mine kept catching shorts some did well with them,but not me..

Fish were available from 1 ft to 12 ft,with little showing on any depth fnder.

Fishing report 5/4/14

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Wakeup call recent rains raisinf then falling the lake,along with a major cold front lake temp at daylight 59f,later 65f as was a warm day.Bushes not so many out from them 3-4 ft of water and green pumpkin bushog,

Fishing Report 4.27/14

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Lake has warmed each day and it hit 70 f,and in one days time moved into the bushes,lake at summer pool.

Green pumpkin vibe speed craw,flippin order of the day.

11/2/13 Fishing report

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Ky lake fish are actively chasing back ends of some bays where it shallows up,panther,lost and to some degree standing rock bay and cyprus,popr in chrome n black,not magnum normal size.Inbetween jumps its slow.

Spinnerbaits even in the jumps not working chrome n blue traps or lazer eyes do to some degree,if slow on the popr.Key here is pay att to what they are chasing and mimic.

Fishing Report Ky lake

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First light buzzbaits and horny toads,later switch to flukes and or lazereyes chrome/blue,or square bill in sexy chart shad.

Some grass available in cuts pockets etc farther south grass is more available but some near Paris Landing.

First third of bays productive if near deep water.


Fishing report Ky lake

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Went out yesterday,wt 74f,stained

Horny toad took one keeper,short smallmouth on flukes and strike king square bill crankbaits-chart/sexy shad.

Found some topped grass just south of paris landing-look in the cuts.Tuff bite,while water is starting to cool was even less chasing than week prior,part im sure due to the color,some occuring but out of sight,visability was about ten inches.What was occuring in the bays was mostly chasinbg shiners not shad.

Oddly all smallies came from inside bays.

Grass-Main lake

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Rumor has it ,it will be sprayed starting monday,by helicoptor so main lake grass wont top out soon be gone soon ,such  wisdom.

Fishing Report

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Well the lake is again high above summer pool at 361,running anywhere from 148,000 cfs to 198000 cfs,so no ledge bite to speak of.Just to much current,toss a jig in be behind the boat prior to hitting bottom.

Do not dispair while the hydrulla and elodia are covered up,newly flooded bank offers brush,wood and believe it or not fescue,orchard grass,johnson grass,and pitching and flipping are in order.

Mouth of bays being a top spot not back ends,large monster worms and jigs.Strike king series 3  in chart/sexy shad is also working at brush edge.For those who beat the bank so to speak tailer made.

Fishing Report

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It is this time of year that has mixed feelings for me,as it is best at a ledge bite,by ledge meaning deeper.

Mostly I myself tend to fish humps not drops,yet surrounded by deep water.Best bite was on watermelon seed or pbj jigs with paca craws,depth 12-17 ft.

Deeper one would have th fizz to deflate swim bladder,proper care of fish caught is or should be a primary concern,in my own thoughts no T should weigh in dead bass-period.That would make those who fish deeper take better care of their fish.

At 12-15ft I dont even use ice to cool them down and they survive even with 100 plus days.

Ive also caught fish shallow on grass sparcely topped with frogs,give it a bit be nice cover,sparce as yet mostly hydrilla,some coon tail,pondweeds etc.

I found out in a trip to Pickwhick that #57 the small mouth liked,it is ahead on hydrilla over ky lake.

For those who dont know what #57 is its a frog signature series Capt Kens.

Maybe im a shallow creature at heart but much rather toss frogs all day than fish ledges,when grass is available main lake the lilly pads are pretty much empty,ive caught one keeper each time out of lilly pad fields just not there in numbers when the grass is,so be it main lake will be a top bite in about a month.