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site bugs

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Having a few issues with new site builder some links not working,go to header bar to view.


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Got a tad behind as sold my home in Buchanan Tn,bought a smaller one much closer to the lake just off east antioch on antioch cove rd.can launch in two minutes at the old mansord island ramp or at port road in say 5.

Along with moving came boat trouble so kept me off the water,hopefully mikes marine will get me back in the seat again soon,needless to say also downsized boats now down to a 16.5 ft procraft with a 115 old fart evinrude,my days of doing 80 are long gone no longer have the boat or the desire or skills needed,besides never did catch a fish at 80 or 90.

Hopefully will get back up and running and posting reports.

report 3/15/21

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Fish came the first of march on jerkbaits and red rattletraps,now with water warming to 60 f in backs of bays largemouth moving in and have nose on the bank at times in afternoon.War eagle double willow green shad worked for me.


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Will also contain cooking recipes from time to time or local tid bits.

Have like many delved into the air frier fad,it is a less greasy alternative and fairly energy efficient compared to a conventional stove.

500 Dollars Reward

Posted on September 2, 2016 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)

For information leading to an arrest and conviction or return items stolen in a break in.  Aug 8th at 2200 Point Pleasant road.

Items taken 16 fishing rods,4 swimbait rods,skeet reese 8 ft,okuma diawa,18 reels 30 + plano boxes of tackle,inclucing whole boxes full of Tater hog swimbaits,fish 30 acre 18 baits,numerous other brands like diawa,bullshads,fish Atlanta 6 in hph,lucky craft,no longer mfg lures.Like a large Koi swimbait.#57 capt kens frog.

If known or have info contact Henry County Sheriffs Dept- 731-201-0237



Tater Hog Swimbaits

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Doing a one on one for some of my favorite swimbaits,Tater Hog coming in at the top of the list for use by me with a rounded type of profile.They can be ordered here and not all are swimbaits,some are crankbaits and jerk baits all of which have their place in the fishing world.

Top to bottom a small x rated fluke, a I hate to make it bait,less than 10 ever made, a willie would be its closest relative,a large silver shad replaced now with a different model,yet both similar in nature.

And a 3 joint 9 1/2 in whose closest relative would be an uncle Ronnie.As one can see not all of mine fit into the catalog mold thus custom baits.Out of every tater ive tossed have never found one out of tune.

His name is actually Matt McBee but those are his lures.

Hard Swimbait

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Swimbaits what to use,first if just starting to use them,buy smaller ones first

Then after getting used to them get larger and of course better.

This is more or less an abrievation of lessons learned.I wouldnt spend 25 dollars

does not apply,yes some can be had for say 15 dollars yet many are over 100.

No I dont own any 250 dollar baits,this is but a sort of guide.There are many different

profiles of baitss many with different actions so will give a few known to me that are

 not hard to toss for the most part and do catch fish on Ky ,Pickwick lakes.

Savage gear 3d costs under 20 works well,glides well,shock colors available.SWaver

Mostly non reflective finishes however,and costing a hair more but also running deeper.

Those 2 are slender round profile baits.

A favorite of mine is a TATER HOG,available on ebay or from

for shad profile baits a Fish 30 acre available at


Swimbait rod and reel with a Tater Hog Not For Sale

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Went down to Paris Landing to toss a few swimbaits to see how they run,ramp was busy ,asked if any T going on .Reply strike king thing.So went on down to the dock passed among about 20 anglers all with boats with .com addy etc wrapped,expensive rigs not noticing who they all were had my thought pattern elsewhere.Tossed a Tater Hog in a few times with my Skeet Reese 8 ft swimbait rod,and a fella comes up behind me asks if thats a skeet reese and what kind of bait as he said looked pretty.Then asked if he could take a pic as he was a friend of his (Skeet Reese).I turned saw his hat low but recognized him immeadiately and said You sure can Mr VanDam.

Ive often taken pics of pros,but never ever had one want to take my pic.

Ps I handed him the rod,he tossed the Tater Hog several times,then handed it back,

Very nice man indeed have always known that but never had a one on one with him.

Now is there any interest in a Skeet Reese rod that Kevin Van Dam has used,complete with a Tater Hog swimbait he liked-Joke you can have it when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

Going to ABA nationals on old hickory with an edge as using gear previously used by KVD.

As a side tidbit im now the new director for ABA AFT do 40 Tn west=Newjohnsonville,Birdsong on Ky lake and JP Coleman on Pickwick



Fishing report 7/13/14

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Water temp was 85F everywhere we went on the main and coves,nothing much real shallow.

Bass  out in deeper water suspended hit flukes 2-6 ft deep,3 small keepers caught in a couple of hrs,much of that time spent finding any.Bass are starting to chase,wont be long be seeing surface activity yet currently wont touch much on top.Flukes,worms without weight,swimbaits soft kind were about the only things could get bit on consisntantly.These past few nights have been cool mid to low 50s so should help turn them on.

From  now on in pool 359, will be dropping until winter pool which is 354.

Fishing report 5/29/14 Ky lake

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Launching at Port road in big sandy headed to one of our favorite spots a rocky point,upon getting there discovered every one with a bobber within fifteen miles was there ahead of me,so hotspot number one was skipped to our dismay.Heading into a cove produced little where it had the week or so prior.

Then off to search for new water some weeds some wood some pea gravel then a flat with a definate edge or drop off to it.Visability 2 ft ,water temp  81-82F-superflukes-no current light breeze.-getting hot

Three hrs 2 keepers me again with the runt of the litter and Steve Huber a good friend with a nice one.